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Lost data due to deletion, formatting, hard drive failure, or virus attack? EaseUS data recovery software makes it simple for you to restore lost data from SD card, USB drive, tablets, laptops or PC with easy steps. Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP etc. Find your lost data now:


  1. I am considering buying this product the next time I get paid. About a year ago, when I got my MSI gaming laptop I connected the external hard drive where I kept the bulk of my data for usual purposes. Then when I shut the computer down I didn't think to hit safely disconnect external device first thinking nothing would happen. Then a Windows 10 routine update went awry. When I restarted my computer later I discovered that the entire database of that 2TB External drive had been corrupted. I tried everything I could think of to manually recover the files but it was beyond help as far as I could tell. I had backups of most of the files but not all and I reformatted the hard drive. To get to the point will EaseUS work on this device even though it's been over a year? I haven't used that device since.
  2. Hi im considering purchasing this product if it can work for me. I mistakenly selected my backup external hardrive and hit erase. Then uploaded new files to it. I thought was using my flash drive. Im using a Mac.
  3. Didn't originally say on the website that you had to pay for it. I used it and saw the files I lost. I pressed recover only to be met with "you have to pay to actually GET them back". You gave me hope, then slapped me with a $70 price tag for my own files. Fuck you. You are sick, and need to seek serious help. You are the scum of this world.
  4. Will this work if I returned to factory default ( windows7, had 10). And now have lost everything.. Need my turbo tax back the most.
  5. Hi! VERY VERY interested in this product. My hard drive crashed and I cant even get into windows.I do have a new Windows 7 disk to try to reinstall it.  I bought a new computer and want to retrieve my media files (a film I'm directing) from my crashed one. HELP!!!!!!!
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