Data recovery software Mac. Meet Disk Drill 3 for macOS

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Data recovery software for Mac. Meet Disk Drill 3 data recovery for Mac ONLY FOR YOUTUBE USERS -- Get Disk Drill 3 with 15% OFF, use DD-YTUBE-DISCNT coupon -- The new, all-better version of the data recovery solution from CleverFiles software! Disk Drill recovers your lost data in just a couple clicks. All you need is... - download Disk Drill data recovery tool on your Mac computer... - select the drive to recover from and press the “Recover" button... - wait for the scanning to end, and choose the files you want to recover... It's that simple! ... No matter what storage device you were using when the files were lost, all your important data can still be recovered. Moreover starting with version 3 Disk Drill supports data recovery directly from your iOS or Android devices!.... Accidentally deleted photos, videos, texts, contacts or other data lost from your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android device or memory card, or hard drive, now can be retrieved using your Mac and the Disk Drill app! In addition to its data recovery features Disk Drill offers a ton of data management and protection tools. All for free! Now you can visualize your disk drive space... find duplicates... monitor disk health and do more with just one handy app! Download the free version of Disk Drill data recovery software and let us take care of what's important for you.


  1. This is the second "Tutorial" that the help menu has taken me to. This is NOT a tutorial. It's an ad. So once I've downloaded the software, why do I need an ad to download it? Where is the Tutorial?
  2. thanks a lot
  3. could have never known this without this tutorial
  4. Awesome! thank you so much for the tutorial