FREE Photo Recovery Software (No Kidding!): Top 8 SD SDHC memory card data and file recovery

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FREE photo recovery. FULLY functioning, NO watermarks, NO trial, NO restrictions! Download at This video reviews the top 8 no-kidding FREE photo, video, file, and data recovery software programs. Use these programs for free recovery from SD, SDHC, or any memory card. See the above link for further details on these programs. Most people think that if you erase your SD, SDHC, MS, CF, xD, etc... memory card (accidentally or intentionally) that the pictures are gone forever. Most people couldn't be more wrong. Your erased pics are still there until you take more pics and overwrite them. You just can't see them, for now. Just try not to take any more pics on that card just yet to improve your chances of recovering all of your pictures. It's usually no problem at all to get them back. Try any of these eight freeware programs. There's no catch (and also no spyware/adware). They are all, no-kidding, FREE, and will NOT hold your photos hostage after hours of scanning unless you pay for the full version of the software. They're also tiny to download, and are very easy to use. Two of them are single executables (no need for installation). Most of you should have your pics back in minutes after viewing this video. Good luck! CR Music used in video: "Undercover" by Citizen Nyx (feat. Stefsax.TfS.Sleepless...) is licensed under a Creative Commons license:


  1. OMG! You saved my life! Recuva worked!!!
  2. Thank you so much your free program worked perfect I have been trying for months to get my moms pictures back off of the sd card with no luck I used that program and it found the files and recoverd them in no time you sir are a life savor
  3. Pandora recovery wont do SD card unless you pay. Nice load of sales bullshit. Thanks
  4. help me somebody! Cell phone has no SD card . I have a ZTE phone from metro-pc I lost all my photos. Please Help Me.
  5. Which of these programs are the best to recover videos from SD card? I used Recuva. I recovered my videos but they r not playing. Help!
    Thank you!
  6. i got a new phone recently (had a bunch of photos on a SD card) but when i mived my SD card to my new phone some of my photos had grey an green glitchy looking pixels some couldn't even load...will any of these work for my SD card? please help me
  7. pandora works !!!!!
  8. my SD card worked fine until I plugged my camera into my computer with the SD card in it.  Something happened and now the SD card won't show in my camera or on my computer.  Camera just says "no card in camera".  These programs won't work if I can't pull the card up, correct?  Do you have any idea what happened when I plugged my camera up to the computer that caused the problem?
  9. I like the tutorials in these lectures bravo...
  10. Thank you Pandora. You saved me!
  11. How about videos from a phone?
  12. I used PC Inspector Smart Recovery and it didn't get any of the ten pictures back that I wanted. What a waste of several hours.
  13. hello... i have a memory card that keep asking to be formated but it never formats can you help plz? i normally use it in my nikon d3100 95% of the time but i cant get it fixed.
  14. the bgm is absolutely horrible and distracting.
  15. Pandora did the job for me!!! I accidentally deleted vacation photos from my flash card. Exelent, Thank you soo Much!
  16. My SD Micro card contains lots of videos and pictures but it requires formatting.  The computer only recognized it as a RAW drive. Can I use any of these free softwares to recover the lost files?
  17. Muchas gracias!!! me salvaste!! Pude recuperar mis fotos y recomiendo Pandora!!!
  18. Thank you! I used Pandora Recovery and got all my 200 photos back! I spent the whole morning downloading/trying a couple different softwares that would pull all the photos up, get me all excited, and then they wanted me to pay! Glad I came across this and your blog! So helpful and it was actually free which I truly appreciate!
  19. Thank you so much I thought I was going to lose all of my pictures and videos of my last trip to Cuba! Glad I stumbled upon this video after trying tons of software that just want me to pay.
  20. first, my SDHC card was showing weird folders, when connected to my computer, which i thought is a virus. then after some days, i tried it again to check, but now card is not readable to laptop nor camera. can i still recover my photos. it has over 1600 photos.