How to recover deleted files from your Camera & SD Card

Author: Geekyranjit
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I show you how to recover the files you have accidentally deleted from your camera or SD card with this free software known as PhotRec which works with Windows, Mac and Linux and you can easily undelete files with this free software. PhotRec Another recovery s/w for windows Recuva


  1. Man, you're amazing :D thank you
  2. I connected the camera with data cable and the software does not show the camera. Now wat should I do as I don't have a card reader.
  3. I have ti try this when I get home. My camera friggen deleted 600 from my vacation by itself..
  5. This man knows what he's talking about. After hours of research, this is the way to recover your files absolutely free! I recovered around 2300 pictures and videos. It looks scary and tricky but it works and nothing happens to your computer. I did it on windows. It took about 3-4 hours. You can donate to the guy who invented the software if you'd like. Awesome, THANK YOU!!
  6. does this work with videos???
  7. Life saver
    Thanks a lot
  8. You. Are. Absolutely. Amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know that you didn't create the software, but thank you for show me/us how do it!
  9. This isn't detecting my SD card. :/
  10. Thank you! Program is a little confusing even with directions (if you don't know exactly what you're looking for, i.e. the name of your disk) but this is the only one that worked. thanks!
  11. is this software is free or not ?
  12. Hi Ranjit...I need your help. I do not have mac book. Can u help me in recovering files from SD Card?
  13. So much freaking useful . not hoax nor scam !
  14. tried to open the file but it says the file can't be opened bcd it is from an unidentified developer??? (tried to unzip it too but canttt) helppp. i rely need to recover the photos :(
  15. I've try this software but my sd card is not there. It didn't show up. It only see the C: drive. Can you help?
  16. I've deleted some files, then put some others and deleted them again
    So, with all this going, can I still recover the first files I had?
  17. Thank you, it was very useful!
  18. Sir when the memory is only erased from sd card,how can we recover those files ? I mean how this software can recover from the sd card location
  19. sir , nice review .. i want to know that how is image quality after recovering it ?
  20. bro doesnt work for videos