How To Recover Deleted Folders On Windows 7 Without Any Software

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Written tutorial: With this method , you don't need any recovery software. This trick is very simple and straight forward If you like my videos Share and Like them and Subscribe to this channel: Click the link below Like my Facebook page: Click the link below Follow me on Twitter: Click the link below Add me on Googleplus: Click the link below


  1. please its not working. how do i recover my lost folder in drive D. it is more than a month now..
  2. thx a lot man
  3. OHG thank you so much bro THANKS TO YOU
  4. Thank u brother I hope it'll work.
  5. dude i dont get any previos vertion pls help me i have a project to submit which is deleted
  6. yes it's run
  7. thanks man , thot i lost all my music
  8. Awesome you are relly great thanks you so much.....
  9. Hey Pixxy,
    This would work only if that "System Restore" option is enabled for that particular partition/Drive I believe...
    Else it may not show those "Previous Versions" options.
    Please tell me any solution for that otherwise scenario.
    Thanks a Ton
  10. i deleted a folder from my desktop which contained 3 sub folders. i did it past a week i relly need tat folder. plz help me out
  11. Thank you So Much Dear
  12. help!!! I deleted a video on my desktop, it was not in a folder :c
    and i really need it recovered!
    its a intro for someone who payed so it's important\!/
    Sorry for bad english.
  13. saved a week of work dude thanks
  14. thanks dude u the best
  15. Wow... thanks a lot.. I just got my file back. You are indeed saved my life man....
  16. i have a question i was puting on cd r cuting folders ducuments n videos on to it my sister shut down the top n then turn it off when i turn back on my files where gone how do i get them back
  17. Thanks u lot for help
  18. i had a video how do i recover it pls help
  19. How about i turn off the computer then i want to restore my files?
  20. thank you man . u save my life