How to use Sony's Memory Card Data Recovery Software

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This video tutorial will give you step by step instructions on how to recover accidentally deleted data from your Sony Memory Stick/SD Card using the Sony Data Recovery Software. Download the software here: Shop Sony Memory Cards here


  1. not working this
  2. recupera somente cartões de memória da sony?
  3. very smart video. thank you
  4. Thank you very much. So far I didn't know that my Sony digital camera and its sd card has this kind of advantage. I was searching recovery applications on the Internet and found your video. This is the most safe way to recover your pictures on the Sony SD Card. Thank you very much again for uploading this video since it recovered my last trip's all pictures.

    Next time I would remember that my laptop can go out of charge during the file transfer so that I won't chose "delete after transfer" option. All this disaster caused by it :(
  5. Same problem for me - Select drive just says "Access Denied", whether I access through the camera or in th ecard reader of my PC.
  6. Thanks for sony training canada
  7. Hi, Thank you very much for this video but I ran into one problem. I did everything you said then I got the message " access denied" for my Sony memory stick. What should I do? Thanks.