Recuva is Best Data recovery software for windows in 2016? Deep Scan recovery tutorial [HD]

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Recuva is Best Data recovery software for windows in 2016? Deep Scan recovery tutorial [HD]- How to recover deleted files from hard drive, memory card, and pen drive or flash drive. Download Link: Are You suffering from great data loss, or have you deleted your important data and wanted to get it back? I know about the premium services how much they cost. Now there is a good new. You can recover all of your data without spending any money for 100% free. Hello This is Bhim chawhan, and you are watching THE TECH SHOW. Today I will try to recover my old deleted data with the use of a piriform software called RECUVA. I have used this data recovery software earlier but is the new updated version does the better then old one lets find out. So for the demonstration I will download the free version because most of the people has access to that only. Lets install this recovery software and do some deep scan recovery. So if you have lossed your data too just stay tuned with me. and recover your data by watching the video till the end. Pros of recuva data recovery sotware for windown: 1) Image recovery is awesome 2) Too deep scan 3) Scan folder wise 4) There is pro version for ultra deep scan recovery. cons of Recuva Data recovery software 1) Only available for windows 2) Video recovery is not great 3) Kills the processor while deep scanning. Consumes all the resources. (mostly processor) recuva file recovery recuva data recovery damaged data recovery recuva software free download for windows Data recovery software free free file recovery software


  1. I tried Recuva. Lots of green dots but all I got was videos that would not play and images that were black.
  2. I could have swore I saw a porn hub file in there.
  3. Those are some pretty severe cons for me there poncho. So I assume you work for Recuva or someone in the family does lol and is feeding you lines of BS. The software sucks and it's clear to me your dishonest.
  4. Recuva could not recover any of my files on my external HDD that I never even deleted from an onsite call 2 days ago. I copied everything over but the drive is not showing the files being there.

    I know for a fact I copied the folder I needed. To no avail i've searched all through the drive. Recuva wasted my time and energy.

    Often times even the green dots are files that are complete rubbish because the contents are damaged. Recuva is trash man i'm telling you.
  5. I see that you also had Easeus data recovery installed on your computer as well. Which worked better?
  6. recorver web history