TOTALLY FREE! How to Recover Deleted Photos Videos from Samsung Android SD card - Emergency Software

Author: Gregory Cooper
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This tutorial shows you how to RECOVER DELETED PHOTOS & Videos from SD CARD. Totally FREE Open Source RECOVERY SOFTWARE - Download from the link below! Download of software takes about 2 minutes. Install takes 1 min. Recovery depends on amount of data that is to be recovered. Please note: DO NOT - use the SD card once you the lose data, as it may overwrite your old lost files. This includes taking more photos on the device etc. MORE INFORMATION & FREE DOWNLOAD LINK AT:


  1. Life saver! 20 overseas holiday videos that were accidentally deleted now recovered. Unreal.
  2. Hi Gregory, I had some hope after seeing your video. I have downloaded the software and only found a folder in my downloads. There are so many files inside the said folder and I am stuck on what to do next. Hope you can help.

  3. thx man.....
  4. wow my old videos from 2012 work back omg
  5. can my video record still work after i recover back???
  6. I tried to get it myself, but it seems to shut down every time i open the link. I rested my computer 4 times and even taken it to the shop to get it fix, may i receive some help?
  7. This worked. It actually worked. And I've been trying to torr3nt all sorts of cracks for shit programs that pose nothing but viruses. Good on you for finding such an awesome software man. Life saver. Truly! (Y)
  8. doesnt work from internal storage
  9. does this link work on windows pc?
  11. my Mobil is Moto if this works on it
  12. when you mean "do not use the sd card once you lose the data", does that mean that after recovering my old photos i shouldn't use the same sd card afterwards? i get all my photos and then can't take new ones?
  13. does it work for hard drives or hard drives that have been factory reset.
  14. what is the command for this to retrieve the pics
  16. Is this tool could work with Phone Memory?
  17. i have deleted my personal files, i coudnt hear you in the video, what to type in cmd and how to use the testdisk softwre
  18. Thank you! Thank you!! This is the best!! Photos I thought were lost even before now, were recovered.
  19. Worked well! Thanks for the tip off! The program recovered some photos of family i had accidentally deleted after a funeral. Will make a small contribution to the software writer. Cheers.
  20. will this software demand for any registration or money for recovery after scan?