Windows 10 must have software Recuva file recovery when you accidentaly delete files

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Recuva is a great software for recovery of accidentaly deleted files and recovery of external hard drives and thumb drives, you can also make sure a file is properly deleted is you have sensitive data


  1. Nothing In discription .....
  2. Can you do this with things you have uninstalled
  3. weres the link
  4. Thanks man u are awesome
  5. Well, before I have used Recuva but I gave up,it can not help me recover my deleted files.And I used Wondershare Data Recovery ,it helps got all my deleted files back.Cheers!!!
  6. Great JOB Putting the link... I'm joking thank you for helping!
  7. i think that is the link
  8. There are some good ways to help you recover your deleted, formatted, inaccessible or lost SD card data in Windows 10:
  9. can i recover the files deleted by windows 10 update ?
  10. I found my videos I lost but it now won't play back in vlc
  11. Thank you!
  12. good job man from puerto rico
  13. where is the link